7 Ways You Can Increase Profits with Text Marketing

1.  Reward Your Customers: Create customer loyalty by rewarding your subscribers by giving them exclusive offers via text.  When promotions and special offers are meaningful, you automatically reward your customers for their loyalty and create urgency to buy your products and services.

2.  Increase Customer Frequency & Sales:  Sending out well planned and incentivized messages during off-peak days (or times of day) will drive customers into your business.  97% of Americans – never leave home without their phones, and 42% go as far as to say they ‘cannot live without’ their cell phone.  Your texts keep you “top of mind” and increase the likelihood they will think of you first!  Think about just a small increase of 20% in customer frequency and how that would affect your sales.

3.  Easily Track Your Return on Investment: The nature of text messaging allows almost immediate ROI measurement.  You will be able to see the effect of text marketing right before your eyes.  With our easy web interface, you control every aspect of your campaigns.  There is no dependence on a service provider to add keywords, schedule campaigns, send texts, set up lists, etc., unless you want assistance.  More options are available for businesses who prefer additional support for their text campaign management.

4.  Instant Communication: Reach your customers anytime, no matter where they are.  Let’s face it, your customers are busy. By the time they get home they are tired and not likely to read through ads or clip coupons. With text marketing you can reach them on their phone at whatever time you deem best and be confident your message will be read.

5.  Increase Off Peak Sales: Send text blasts when business is slow.  Having a slow day or maybe the slow season for your business? Missed your peak sales due to weather or other unforeseen circumstance?  Text message marketing gives an opportunity like no other.  Since most people never go without there mobile phone, you can reach them almost anytime.  You can send out a limited time text blast and get sales in the door within hours. Don’t write off slow times, do something about it.

6.  Reduce Marketing Costs: Save money by reducing your advertising and marketing budget, no matter what size your business is.  Text message marketing is extremely affordable and easily scales with the size of your business.   Text marketing is easily done in house.  We offer webinars, online videos as well as a complete mobile marketing course that will help you learn how to use our system, and we will provide you all the information you need to know in order to run a successful mobile marketing campaign.

7.  20% Industry Average Redemption Rate:  Because your texts are sent to customers who signed up and requested to be on your list, open rates are 90% within the first 3 minutes of receiving your text message and 100% of your messages get read.  From 10% to as much as 25% take action on your offer.  Let’s say your list has 500 loyal customers.  You send a text offer that all 500  subscribers read with 100 of them actually taking action on your special offer.  Depending upon your offer and desired outcome, these 100 customers could be diners on a slow night in your restaurant or waiting at the door when you open in the morning or immediately clicking through to your mobile message.  Text message marketing is an extremely effective strategy designed to bring your customers to you,  ready to buy your products or services, at the time you want them to be there.


What businesses use text message marketing today?  Here are a few examples:

Realtors & Real Estate Investors

Restaurants & Bars

Retail Stores

Law Firms




Public Speakers & Authors

Car Dealers

Automotive Repair

Home Builders


Magazine Publishers

Local Newspapers

Hair & Nail Salons


Network Marketers

Direct Sales Companies

Sports Organizations

Business Networking Organizations

Pest Control Companies

Oil Change Centers

Retail Stores

Call us today for a free demonstration of our text message system.  We can show you exactly how to create effective text campaigns to build your business & profits that you can implement almost immediately.