Here are a few examples of the results companies are getting.
Hooter’s used text message marketing integrated with television commercials that resulted in a 32% increase in sales during the commercial run.

Pizza Hut’s in the Pittsburgh area ran a text2win offer integrated with television commercials to win free pizza for a year. They were able to gain 12,000 opt-in subscribers in just two weeks.

Guiness ran a text2win mobile marketing campaign that had over 62,000 people text in to win.

McDonald’s used text marketing to launch the new McCafe Mocha Iced and Hot beverages by giving customers coupons via auto reply for free drinks on Monday’s to increase customer frequency.

KFC added 6,000 mobile subscribers for a new loyalty program that achieved a 13% redemption rate in the first month alone.

Qdoba uses text marketing to averaging a 16% redemption rate on their text campaign offers.

In Waco, a transmission shop marketed by QR Code only on their Google Places page and brought in $8000 in revenue in just 2 months.

A restaurant in Waco has increased their opt-ins by 100% in 2 weeks with one simple adjustment in their plan and is now seeing an 18% response rate.

A car wash in Waco built a list of regular customers and has 19.8% response on their offer for premium services.

A salon in Waco filled their open appointments from cancellation in less than 2 minutes every time they sent a message to their text list.



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