Limited use Short Code (SMS text number) – Each client gets access to a limited use short code text number where your prospects can text an offer code, “Mobile Keyword”, or respond to a specific marketing text for the most effective SMS campaign!

Keywords (number based on plan chosen)– You can track your ad campaigns and promotions to quickly evaluate which marketing campaigns are generating the biggest success and adjust accordingly. Other companies charge up to $25 per Mobile Keyword per month but with JusTxt.Me you get a set number with your plan and only $2 for each additional keyword needed!

Unlimited Groups/Lists – Allows you to segment your marketing and target valuable sub-groups… Segment your customers so your outgoing offers are micro-targeted to minimize opt-out rates and maximize response!

Text to a Group – Provides you with a way to get a quick message out to your target audience whether it’s an entire list or targeted groups or sub-lists. You have the flexibility to send text messages out to your lists with only a moment’s notice, or you can schedule an unlimited number of messages in advance.

Text for Info Auto Responder Module – Allows you to automatically respond via text message with specific information to inquiries from your target audience.


Text for a Coupon Module – Allows you to set up a text message response with a coupon that has an expiration date based upon the date it was sent. It also restricts coupons to one per customer so you don’t have to worry about abuse. We even offer attractive and visual mobile coupons that your customers bring in to redeem.  Mobile coupons have 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons.

Easy Web Interface – Allows you to control every aspect of your campaigns…no dependence on a service provider to add Keywords, schedule campaigns, send texts, set up lists, etc. You can access your web interface from your computer, tablet or mobile phone any time any where.

Free Mobile Marketing Training – We offer online videos as well as a complete mobile marketing getting started guide that will help you learn how to use our system, and we will provide you all the information you need to know in order to run a successful Mobile Marketing Campaign.

“Survey” Campaign Integration Text to Survey Module – Based on the popular online “Survey” Campaigns, you now have a way to get valuable feedback from your customers when they have questions… So you’re not just blasting messages to your customers, you are communicating and building a relationship via their phones!

Text to Enter Module – Random drawings for give aways / door prizes which allow you to build massive text message opt in lists and generate an insane amount of buzz about your promotions very quickly…and with our system, automate the drawing and notification of up to 10 different prizes!

Web to Text Module – Allows people to join your text message opt in lists via your web page. Integrates easily with almost any web form or your Aweber account. Build your mobile list over the internet!  You can install your opt-in form on your Facebook page as well as your website.

Text to Remind Module – Increases customer frequency by allowing you to remind people of important appointments, events, service schedules and specials, and in our system, a text coupon can be attached to each text reminder to boost response rates! (Great for Doctors, Dentists, Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Networking Groups/Organizations, Veterinarians and many, many more!)

QR Code Generators – From what we can see being used, 80% of QR codes are being misused.  We will work with you to generate the QR codes that are not only fun to use and your prospects enjoy, but that will generate more revenue for your business.

Text to Confirm Appointment Module – Save time and money by confirming appointments with your customers automatically via text message. This will save you hours of dialing numbers and leaving messages on the slim hope that your calls will be returned to confirm a scheduled appointment. (Great for Doctors, Dentist, Lawyers, Veterinarians, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Attorneys, CPA’s, Salons and Spas)

Kiosk Builder – A kiosk is a must have tool! Text Message Marketing is THE BEST ROI for your business in marketing.  Getting your customers and potential customers in your database is key.  There are the traditional ways of getting people on your list with keywords and QR codes that work very well.  You can get people on your list with a web widget on your website and Facebook page which also works very well.  With the Kiosk Builder you can also build a mobile page that allows customers and potential customers to enter their phone numbers on a tablet sitting on your counter or at your booth, no need to pull out their mobile phone.  A kiosk makes getting people in your database even easier with one less step removed from the process.

Optional Modules

Mobile Website Services – We offer a unique mobile website service and will build you a mobile site or you can even build your own mobile site with our tool.  Search engine results are obviously key to being profitable with your website and Google has started lowering your search performance if your website is not mobile ready and will soon not show your site at all.  This means that your website has to be a mobile site in order to show up on mobile search.  You might ask if this is important; YES, mobile surpassed computers for search in 2013 and are now the most used tool for internet use.  If your website is not also a mobile site, you are losing money because you are not being found by mobile searchers.

Auto Dealer Marketing Module – Although we work with all businesses, we unique tools for working with Car Dealers. For our Car Dealer clients we have created a proprietary module to manage vehicle specific marketing messages for getting vehicle information into the hands of your potential client immediately while looking at a vehicle on your lot. We live in a rushed pace world where everyone is always on the go.  If your potential customer is looking at a vehicle on your lot, you certainly don’t want him to leave to get information about your vehicle.  Get your customer the information they are looking for on the spot with a QR code or text message posted on every vehicle.  The information your potential customer will get is specific to that vehicle.  They can scan as many vehicles as they like and get information immediately on their phone while standing in front of the vehicle.  You may be thinking, “That is great and all but how does it really help ME?”  Glad  you asked, at the same time your potential customer is getting vehicle information, your program manager is getting a text message telling them what cell number is looking at what vehicle.  This gives your sales person the opportunity to contact the potential client while they are still standing in front of the vehicle.  In our sound bite world, people do not want to be interrupted in their busy schedules and they want information NOW, not later and they certainly don’t want  to look it up later.  With this exclusive Car Dealer module, you can meet your customer where they are when they want you to and as a result, INCREASE your Revenue.


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